Faking in Art and Life

Roger Scruton has an excellent piece here on the nature of modern art (it’s fake and kitsch), how to discern real art, why people fake it in both art and life, and the danger of the cult of originality and authenticity.

If you’re under the impression that the realm of aesthetics holds no objective beauty, truth, and goodness, and thus no real connection to the rest of life, then Scruton will make no sense to you here. If you think that beauty is merely, purely, solely in the eye of the beholder, this will sound strange… but it’s tremendously important that you consider what Scruton has to say.

The Tyranny of Pop

My favorite living philosopher, Roger Scruton, has a fascinating piece on the potentially corrosive nature of pop music. Listen to it (with an open and humble mind) below. His description of background music is particularly delightful.

Then check out this series from Religious Affections on the importance of distinguishing between high, folk, and pop culture. I’m not principally opposed to people listening to pop music or anything like that; but these are important and helpful distinctions to make, and we must not be mindless and undiscerning in our consumption of pop culture.