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Learning to Follow Christ

Sitting at the feet of Christ, learning from His teaching, is of ultimate and lasting value. But it’s also the only way to pursue a life of holiness that truly honors Christ. We often think of the Great Commission as … Continue reading

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What is the Church’s Social Responsibility?

I believe the primary mission of the local church to the lost is to provide not material, but spiritual relief by proclaiming the good news of eternal life by grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In times … Continue reading

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Digest of The Acts of the Apostles

The following is a very brief digest/outline of the book of Acts. The goal is to provide a condensed summary of the book–a cursory introduction for the benefit of personal study.  The Expanding Witness of the Church In the book … Continue reading

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The Commission and Means of Disciple Making

A FEW KEY DISCIPLESHIP PASSAGES I’ve been talking a little bit about discipleship recently. And I do think it’s important for a church to have some sort of “intentional” (ohhh that’s such a buzzword… but it fits here) plan for … Continue reading

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The First Great Commission

MATTHEW 10:1-31: I recently was studying Matthew 10:1-31, and found the context/background information interesting, and thought I would share it. It’s the account of the first time Christ commissioned the 12 disciples to go out and preach the Gospel. Matthew … Continue reading

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