Best Bible Commentaries

Whenever I begin teaching through a book of the Bible, finding some good commentaries is an important part of the prep work. There are a few commentary series that I always check. Some of the newer ones, like Story of God, Teach the Text, and Evangelical Exegetical, may not have every book out yet, but if they do, it’s worth grabbing a copy. Here are the commentaries I look at when I’m starting a new series—in no particular order:

Zondervan Exegetical Commentary

Baker Exegetical Commentary

New International Commentary on the Old Testament (and New)

Story of God Bible Commentary

The Expositors Bible Commentary (brief but valuable interpretive insights; I always make use of this one)

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (very thorough; this series is very recent, and thus contains some of the latest discoveries and developments in biblical scholarship; also has the best commentary on 1 John I’ve found; one of my favorite sets overall)

Teach the Text Commentary Series (excellent format: context, historical and cultural background, short interpretive insights, theological insights, and key themes—these would actually be great commentaries just for personal or small group Bible study as well; this is another one I use every time I can)

Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament (a little more technical analysis of the Greek text, but brief and helpful)

I’ll also often check these lists:,, and

Of course there are also a couple of specific commentators that I will look up to see what they have on the book I’m studying, such as Ben Witherington III, John Walvoord, Abraham Kuruvilla, Edmond Hiebert, and Thomas Constable.

Any other commentary series, or specific authors, that you tend to always look at?