A Call to Men

I’ll be returning to update this page from time to time. My hope is that these resources will be helpful as you grow and seek to better understand what it means to be a strong and good man. Not every resource I recommend here is from a distinctly Christian perspective, but these I recommend because I believe they in some way accurately represent genuine masculinity better than the majority of what gets the publicity—including amongst Christians—so much of which is little more than cheap immitation.


– Resources for Men in Pursuit of Excellence –


Man of the House: A Handbook for Building a Shelter That Will Last In a World That is Falling Apart by C.R. Wiley

Federal Husband by Douglas Wilson

What Is a Man?: 3,000 Years of Wisdom on the Art of Manly Virtue edited by Waller R. Newell

What’s Wrong With the World? by G.K. Chesterton

Honor: A History by James Bowman

In Defense of Tradition by Richard Weaver

Tender Warrior: God’s Design for Men by Stu Webber

Biblical and Theological Foundations of the Family by Joseph Atkinson

The Man Diet by Chad Howse



PaterFamilias Today — Blog of pastor C.R. Wiley, who also wrote one of the best books on manhood. If you do nothing else, subscribe to this blog and start learning from Wiley’s wisdom on building, cultivating, and managing a strong and godly household.

PaterFamilias Email — Pastor Wiley also recently started an email newsletter that, so far, has been well-worth it. Just send him your email address over Facebook and he’ll add you to the subscribers list.

Bacon From Acorns — Speaking of households, Professor John Cuddeback has similar musings to Pastor Wiley on the nature of households, philosophy of friendship, some practical considerations, and other important things of life.

The Art of Manliness — Though not from a Christian perspective, this blog was on the leading edge of the ‘Menaissance‘ and has incredibly helpful articles on history, honor, manly skills, finances, relationships, health, and more.

The Masculinist — An excellent email newsletter about “the intersection of Christianity and masculinity” by Aaron Renn.

Chad Howse — Chad Howse speaks and writes on fitness, manhood, time management and responsibility. He has two sites here and here, but the best way to keep up with him is to follow him on Facebook.


The Brion McClanahan Show — Brion McClanahan is a no-nonsense conservative historian who’s written several important books on the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. His podcast deals with political history, culture, and current events all from the perspective of the importance of taking responsibility, and is 100% worth the wait every week.

Wolf and Iron — Mike Yarbrough talks about a wide range of topics to help you on your journey toward genuine, mature manhood.

Art of Manliness — Interesting interviews with folks who are experts in manly fields.


“If you do nothing in a time of trouble, your strength is worthless. So rescue those being taken off to death, and save those stumbling toward slaughter.” – Proverbs 24:10-11

“Be strong, and prove yourself a man.” – 1 Kings 2:2

In a culture where it is cool to be sheepish and in touch with your “feminine side,” we need to give a call to men to stand up and take responsibility.

We need men with steadfast courage, ironclad conviction, undomesticated manliness, and a fierce loyalty to God. We need men who can hold fast—who bring stability to a world of ever-shifting unsurety, consistency to a culture of non-commitment, and staying power in a nation where men retreat. We need bravehearted men who are strong and alert, men with vision to lead the way in the family, church, and culture. We need unapologetically masculine men, gentle and protective men, warriors with unbridled commitment to their King. We need perilous men. We need men of honor. We need men with the zeal of Phinehas, who fiercely defended the worship of Yahweh; men with the gentle strength of Boaz; men with the courage of the mighty men of David. Where are these men today? Who will stand up in their place? Who will be a man of God?

Who will play the man?


“In my judgment, the typical evangelical church of this generation has become weak, and womanly. Churchgoers demand that preachers be soft and dainty—especially when they are dealing with hard-edged truths.

If you don’t sufficiently tone down every severe text or hard-to-receive doctrine in the Bible, the tone police will write you up for an infraction before you can get from the pulpit to the front door. All the rough edges of every truth must be carefully sanded smooth and painted in pastel tones. We’ve traded up to cushy seats instead of hard-bench pews and we expect our preachers to fashion their messages accordingly. None of this ‘sinners-in-the-hands-of-an-angry-God’ stuff.

Instead, today’s evangelicals favor feminine themes: Let’s talk about our emotional hurts, our personal relationships, our felt needs… We’re hurting people!

The church has begun to look weak—effeminate—frightened—sissified; like a society of fops and milksops… when we’re supposed to be soldiers!

We’re told relentlessly that we have to be always agreeable no matter what—seeker-sensitive, gender-neutral, effervescent, transparent, sentimental, and delicate in everything we say and do. Those sound like rules for figure-skaters, not warriors in the army of Christ!” – Phil Johnson


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