Big List of Resources


While I list the following sites as “recommended resources,” they must be understood as just that — resources. These, as well as any sites found on the sidebar, are simply sites that I have found interesting or helpful in my reading, studying, and researching. To recommend something as a resource in no way translates to my endorsing every point of doctrine to which those people adhere. If that were my standard, this would be a very short list. I do not fully agree with or endorse everything said on any one site mentioned anywhere on this blog; and, in fact, I may disagree with a large portion of the material on several—but that’s the point of a resource, to stretch us to learn and grow. The following is a list of resources I enjoy, and think may be useful to you as well. Thanks for understanding.


Counseling Resources:

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors –

The Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (Jim Newheiser) –

Biblical Counseling Center of Moscow –

Institute for Nouthetic Studies (Jay Adams and Donn Arms) –

Expository Counseling Center (Nicolas Ellen) –

Biblical Counseling Institute –

Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation –

Biblical Counseling Coalition –

Training and Equipping Resources:

9 Marks (Helpful resource for Pastors and Church Members on pastoral theology and ecclesiology) –

Telos Theological Ministries (led by Dr. Paul Henebury, Telos is an incredible source for gaining a deeper understanding of God’s Word) –

Biblical Eldership Resources — (Trustworthy biblical teaching and materials.) –

Biblical Training –


Village Ministries International (The missions and Bible teaching ministry of Drue Freeman; “VMI is a non-denominational Christian Ministry designed to take both the Gospel and teaching of God’s Word to the people of the world. The target areas are villages and remote cities that ordinarily would not be exposed to missionary activity or Bible teaching.) –

Basic Training Bible Ministries (Missions, discipleship, and pastoral training ministry of Gene Cunningham; “providing categorical Bible teaching and study materials without cost; We believe in ‘teaching evangelism.’  By this we mean that the most effective way to reach the lost is to teach about the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Savior through the work of His cross.”) –

American Freedom Assembly (Speaking ministry of Gary Horton; “One of the most sought-after and respected youth speakers in America today, Gary never fails to leave his audience with a rekindled appreciation of America’s greatness and a renewed dedication to the principles upon which this country was founded.”) –

Children’s Hunger Fund (What makes CHF distinct is that they only distribute their resources through local churches – whom they have trained in a biblical perspective on mercy ministry. This is exactly the pattern seen in 1 Corinthians 16:1-3) –

Crisis Response International (a disaster relief organization that integrates with local, state, and federal response efforts; resources, trains and mobilizes volunteers, churches and other organizations to respond to disasters and compassion initiatives around the world. –

Samaritan’s Purse (Gospel-centered humanitarian ministry of Franklin Graham) –

Teaching/Preaching Ministries:

Dr. Doug Bookman –

Wisdom for the Heart (teaching ministry of Pastor Stephen Davey) –

The Theological Resource Center (provides materials from The Master’s Seminary, Grace Community Church, The Master’s College, and Grace to You) –

Basic Training Bible Ministries (Teaching, missions and discipleship ministry of Gene Cunningham) –

David Jeremiah –

Ligonier Ministries (The teaching ministry of Dr. R.C. Sproul) –

Truth for Life (The teaching ministry of Pastor Alistair Begg) –

Insight for Living (The teaching ministry of Dr. Chuck Swindoll) –

Grace to You (The teaching ministry of Pastor John MacArthur) –

Apologetics Resources:

Answers in Genesis –

Institute for Creation Research –

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry –

BeliefMap (quick answers to some essential questions) –

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries –

Stand to Reason –

Inerrant Word (defending the doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy) –

Defending Inerrancy –

Strange Fire Q&A – crucial questions regarding the charismatic movement/theology –

Bible Study Resources and Tools:

Faithlife Study Bible (a helpful online study Bible done by Faithlife that uses the Lexham English Bible translation, which, in my opinion, is about the best you can get) —

Lumina (Excellent Bible study tool) –

Teknia Greek Dictionary (comprehensive online Greek dictionary) –

Teknia Blog (discusses issues in Greek translation – beneficial at times for the lay person as well) –

Text Analysis tool –

Legal and Political Resources for the Church:

National Center for Life and Liberty –

Alliance Defending Freedom –

The Church Law Group (focuses on the specific legal needs of churches) –

Following the News:

Christian Daily Reporter is a Drudge-style news aggregator that collects news particularly relavent to Christians. Unfortunately, there’s no way to subscribe to anything, so you have to actually navigate to the page to get updates; this is a major downside in my book but, for this particular site, it’s worth it.

The Daily Wire is probably the overall best conservative news site right now. I follow them primarily on Facebook, but you can also subscribe to their RSS feed.

The Daily Signal was started by the Heritage Foundation and “provides policy and political news as well as conservative commentary and policy analysis.” I follow them on Facebook and get the headlines by email; you can also follow the RSS feed.

The New Paper is a great email update containing concise headlines.

Politico Playbook is another daily email update of curated headlines. Not an overtly conservative source, but good summaries.

The Skimm is my odd one out on this list. The Skimm is designed for female milennials, and it definitely leans left; but it’s a good daily email summary of important headlines, and it’s rather humorous at times.

The Hustle is another email subscription, but this one primarily focuses on the tech world, and typically has one topic per email rather than a list of headlines.

Townhall is another conservative (though not as classically conservative as I would prefer) news source. I don’t use Townhall anymore because the email updates are a little hard to follow, but it’s still a fair option.

Alliance Defending Freedom has helpful email updates on issues specifically related to religious liberty.

SRN News—subscribe to the RSS feeds of your choice, or get updates in your email. I find the political cartoons especially enjoyable.

Dr. Albert Mohler (Christian theologian and cultural commentator) has a great podcast called The Briefing. I get the podcast updates in my email, which contains the topic headlines, and if there is something specific I want to know more about, I’ll listen to that episode.

Lastly, I get the First Draft in my email. It’s headline updates from the New York Times that does a great job of summarizing some basic political headlines from the past 24 hours. It’s fairly objective, rather than being overtly conservative, but the summaries are helpful.

Read more about how I follow the news here.

General Theological Resources:

Telos Theological Ministries (led by Dr. Paul Henebury, Telos is an excellent resource for gaining a deeper understanding of God’s Word) –

Chafer Theological Seminary’s Journal –

The Master’s Seminary Journal –

Doctrine. Discourse. Doxology. –

Michael Vlach –

Phil Johnson’s Famous “Annotated Bookmarks” (another list of annotated resources) –


Sundry Interest Resources:


ProtonMail (secure, encrypted email service) –

Encryptr (encrypted password manager) –

Sync (encrypted cloud storage; basically a private, secure, better version of Dropbox) –

Signal (secure, encrypted calling and messaging; this is what I use) –

ProXPN (an excellent VPN) –

Tunnel Bear (this is the VPN service I use) –

Privacy Tools (best one-stop resource page for security/privacy I’ve found) –

Security HowTo’s –

(Self Defense Resources)

The Well Armed Woman (an excellent website full of helpful info for women regarding concealed carry options, philosophy, stance, grip, draw, mindset, etc.) –

Handgun Tactics and Training

Biblical Self Defense (a strong, comprehensive, biblical apologetic for the use of self defense) –

Free Tactical Tips from OpsGear –

Personal Defense Network –

James Yeager’s Tactical Response channel –

Top Krav Maga –

Fight Smart –

Women’s Safety Tips –


Huge List of Survival, Preparedness and Sustainability Websites –

Survival Life –

AllOutDoor –

Camping Survival –

SurvivalTube –

American Preppers Network –

HandgunsMagazine Tactics & Training –

Tactical Life –

Outdoor Survival –

Off Grid Survival –

Willow Haven Outdoor (survival school) –

Modern Survival Online –

Outdoor Life Survival –

Wilderness Survival –

Prepper News Watch (on the Preparedness Podcast) –

List of other Survival and Preparedness Websites

(Affiliate Resources)

These are sites of which I’m an affiliate, which means if you buy something through these links, I’ll get a small commission from the sale—at no extra charge to you (or, for free services, such as sync, we’ll both get extra space:). This is a simple and easy way to help support my work by simply doing some shopping or getting great resources for yourself as well!


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