Find a Church in Your Area

The following churches are ones I have become aware of over the years either by having attended them, knowing the pastor, or having them recommended by a friend. Recommending a church in no way indicates that I agree with or endorse everything taught there, as I’ve tried to clarify here. Rather, the purpose of this page is to provide a list of Bible-teaching churches across the country to be an aid to those who may be looking for a church in that area.


Grace Bible Church (Hot Springs; Pastor: Mark Goad)


Shadow Mountain Community Church (El Cajon; Pastor: David Jeremiah)

Grace Community Church (Sun Valley; Pastor: John MacArthur)

Agape Bible Church (Willits; Pastor: Paul Henebury)


Littleton Bible Church (Littleton)


Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington; DC; Pastor: Mark Dever)


Keystone Bible Church (Odessa; Pastor: John Tracy)


Eagle Point Grace Bible Church (Tecumseh; Pastor: Bob Norris)


Duluth Bible Church (Duluth; Pastor: Dennis Rokser)

North Carolina:

Colonial Baptist Church (Cary; Pastor: Stephen Davey)

Grace Bible Church (Charlotte; Pastor: Donnie Preslar)

Twin City Bible Church (Winston-Salem; Pastor: Carey Hardy)


Parkside Church (Chagrin Falls; Pastor: Alistair Begg)

Logos Bible Church (Pickerington; Pastor: John Chase)


Trinity Bible Church (Oklahoma City; Pastor: Drue Freeman)


Grace Bible Church (Pastor: Faisal John)


Calvary Baptist Church (Meadville; Pastor: Tim Jordan)

Center Hill Community Church (Brookville; Pastor: Guy Felmlee)

Fairview Bible Church (Fairview; Pastor: Christopher Preston)


Stonebriar Community Church (Frisco; Pastor: Chuck Swindoll)

Community of Faith Bible Church (Houston; Pastor: Nicolas Ellen)

Copperfield Bible Church (Houston; Pastor: Dan Phillips)

Cornerstone Bible Church (Lubbock; Pastor: Steve Spurlin)


Immanuel Bible Church (Springfield; Pastor: Jesse Johnson)

 If you have a church you would like to recommend I add to this list, feel free to email me; I would be glad to be made aware of other sound churches in your area.


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