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Light from heaven

Heaven is for Real, but what about the movie?  [A look at visits to heaven and the sufficiency of Scripture]





The Promise and the Provision  [Why the disciples were confused about Christ’s mission on earth]





What is the Gospel of the Kingdom? [Did Jesus redefine the Old Testament expectation of the Kingdom?]






Staying Power [the divorce crisis]






Should Christians Drink Alcohol? [Wasn’t the wine in the Bible different than modern wine anyway?] Read parts one, two, three, four, five, and six.




A Study of Biblical Discipleship — Defining discipleship; Knowing vs. loving Christ; The requirement of a disciple; The commission and means of disciple-making; The resemblance and mark of a disciple






The Power and Effect of Prayer  [and its relationship to God’s Sovereignty]







Biblical Violence  [doesn’t the Bible condemn violence and killing?]






The Mennaissance  [commendations and cautions of a relapse toward your grandfather’s masculinity]





Rock Giants, Vegetarians, and Sociopaths  [A review of “Noah”]





What was the Role of Jesus’ Miracles? [Hint: it was not (directly) to prove that He was God!]






An Interview with Phil Johnson [Executive director of Grace to You]






What is the Church? [A study of the nature of the ekklesia] — Basic principles, the Greco-Roman Ekklesia, occurrences in the NT, Jesus’ use of ekklesia, the New Testament ekklesia.




Weaker Brother, or Pharisee? [how to tell if you’re causing a weaker brother to stumble, or merely offending another Pharisee]





Who Was St. Patrick? [A look at the man behind the holiday, and what Christians can learn from his ministry]



Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 7.48.07 PM

Some Thoughts on Church Leadership [How many church leaders are there, and what are they called? What’s the difference between the pastor and the elders? What’s the role of the congregation? And what are the duties of the elders?]


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