God and Time (Pt. 2)

A really quite exceptional discussion of God’s relationship to time from Dr. Paul Henebury.


Part One

Carl Henry proposes the following view of God’s relationship to time:

The biblical view it seems to me, implies that God is not in time, that there is no succession of ideas in the divine mind, that time is a divine creation concomitant with the origin of the universe, that God internally knows all things including all space-time contingencies, and that this knowledge includes knowledge of the temporal succession prevalent in the created universe.  Although God’s nature, including His knowledge, is not in time, nonetheless, because He is omniscient He cognitively distinguishes between what I did in the past, what I’m doing now, and what I shall do tomorrow.  God includes time not as a constituent aspect of His being or knowing, but as a conceptual aspect of His knowledge of created realities.

God’s time-transcending knowledge in Himself does not cancel out distinctive space-time relationships to His…

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A Blessed New Year

Encouraging thoughts from my brother as we head into the new year. May God rest you merry!

Advance Notice

Happy New Year! This year is not beginning how we hoped at WLD Ranch. Our desire was to have a rebuilt bunkhouse finished and functioning! But God had different plans. The bunkhouse has not been rebuilt yet, but we continue to make progress toward that goal. (Follow the progress at www.wldranch.com/about/followingthefire.)

So this year is not beginning as we had hoped, but it is still a happy new year. Each year that God gives us, even in the difficult times that life may give us either personally or for our families or for our ministry, we can choose an attitude of thankfulness to the Lord. We can choose a commitment to trust the Lord in all things. We can choose joy over bitterness. We can choose grace-filled attitudes over hurtful responses to those around us.

What choices are you making about the attitudes that are going to characterize your…

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