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Who Am I?

I’m a husband, pastor, and bookworm in northwestern PA. I started this site as a platform for creating and curating solid resources that make for solid men and women of wisdom, virtue, discipline, and faith.

After studying theology and political philosophy in college, I attended Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC, where I received my Master of Divinity, as well as training with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Now, I’m a pastor in Pennsylvania, where I’m teaching and leading a congregation of believers as we strive to more faithfully know, love, and follow Christ. My wife and I enjoy playing music, serving our church together, going on adventures with friends, and discussing the permanent things in life.

Primary areas of interest and study include:
– Ethics
– Soteriology
– Biblical Masculinity and Femininity
– Ecclesiology
– Political Philosophy and Conservatism
– Self Defense

How Can You Help Support My Work?

Praying — Life as a pastor is important, and sometimes rewarding; but it’s also difficult, draining, and at times disheartening. Your prayers for wisdom, endurance, peace, joy, gentleness, and discipline are greatly appreciated.

Sharing — If ever you read a post or page on this site that you think is worth anything, please share it on social media and get the word out! I’d love for this site to become a helpful resource for more people.

Following — If you’re on social media, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I promise I won’t crowd your feed with pointless memes or updates about what I’m eating. My goal is to share and curate solid resources for people who are serious about growing in knowledge and wisdom, but don’t want to break the bank! If you see something you appreciate, like and share it!

Shopping — I’m an affiliate of several sites I like or use frequently, such as TunnelBear (the VPN service I use for internet security), the Liberty Classroom (real American history), ClickFunnels, Rockler Woodworking or this awesome western store (you’ll also see other banners for products I recommend along the sidebar and in the footer, as well as a full list at the end of my resources page). What that means is that if you make any purchases through these links, I will get a small percentage of the price. This doesn’t cost you any extra, but is a simple and easy way to help support me little by little.

Supporting — You can support my work monthly by becoming a patron. Throughout church history, folks who provided theological resources to their communities were often supported by patrons (generous people who set aside some resources to free others up to devote time to ministerial work). Think of the women who funded Christ’s ministry (Luke 8:1-3), or Phoebe, who was “a patron to many,” including Paul (Romans 16:2). In those days, you had to be rich to be a patron. Not so anymore! Through Patreon’s platform, you can select the level of support of your choosing, and pitch in as little as a good latte a month to support my research, writing, and curating of solid resources. Read the original post about it here, and, if you’re willing to support my work, become a patron here.

My wholehearted and unceasing longing is to, in some way, bring glory to Christ through my life. This blog is merely another platform for that endeavor. (Why blog? I can’t say it any better than Pastor Dan Phillips does here.) My hope is simply to challenge deep thinkers to become more passionate followers of Christ, and to exhort passionate followers of Christ to think more deeply about their faith.

I owe a debt of gratitude, for much of the knowledge and passion I have, to my father and three older brothers, who have always been examples to me of leaders, disciples of Christ, loving husbands and fathers, defenders of the faith, and men of honor. Some other major influences in my life include G.K. Chesterton, Roger ScrutonRichard Weaver, Gene Cunningham, Doug Bookman, Gary Horton, John Chase, and C.R. Wiley.



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