The Role of the Church in the Discipleship of Children

I’d like to share a couple of statements and policies that we use at my church. Perhaps this may be of some help to others.

Below is the introductory statement on our philosophy of children’s ministry. I’d like to expand on this sometime in the near future.

We believe the responsibility to raise children and train them to follow Christ ultimately rests not with the church, but with the parents, and thus seek to come alongside parents in their desire to cultivate Christlikeness in their children. As such, we seek to equip parents to pass on their faith to their children, as well as provide children with the foundation they need to know God, think biblically, and live wisely.

Our prayer is that the teaching the children receive at church will reinforce, supplement and enrich the Biblical training that takes place in each child’s home, though we also are aware of and seek to minister to those children who do not come from a Christian home. Training children to know, love, and follow Christ is one of the most fundamental aspects of the church’s ultimate mission—to make disciples—and our desire is to lead children from wherever they are into a closer relationship with Christ, teaching them to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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