Resources for Men (and women who want men to be men)

I’ve updated “A Call to Men”—a page with what I consider to be some vital resources for the pursuit of godly masculinity and manly excellence.

If you do nothing else… here are the essential action steps that are well worth taking:

  1. Follow the blog PaterFamilias Today by C.R. Wiley, a pastor in Connecticut, who also wrote one of the best books on manhood I’ve read. Subscribe to this blog and start learning from Wiley’s wisdom on building, cultivating, and managing a strong and godly household.
  2. Send Pastor Wiley your email address over Facebook so you can be added to his email list as well. He started an email newsletter recently to discuss topics more targeted at young men, and to dig deeper into the matters of household polity and economics he deals with in his book—so far it’s been excellent.
  3. Buy Pastor Wiley’s book, Man of the House: A Handbook for Building a Shelter That Will Last In a World That is Falling Apart. It’s unlike any other book on manhood you’ve ever read.
  4. Sign up for The Masculinist — an excellent email newsletter about “the intersection of Christianity and masculinity” by Aaron Renn.
  5. Subscribe to The Brion McClanahan Show on your favorite podcast feed. Brion McClanahan is a no-nonsense conservative historian who’s written several important books on the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. His podcast deals with political history, philosophy, culture, and current events, and is 100% worth the wait every week.
  6. Bonus for the hardcore and the intellectuals: Start reading G.K. Chesterton and Richard Weaver.

You’ll notice I’m on a C.R. Wiley kick currently. I’ll have to write a review sometime to fully explain why. Anyway, check out the full page and make use of the resources here!

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