Changes Ahead!

Greetings, long-lost readers!

I know I have dropped off the map… in fact, you may have not even noticed, but it’s been over a year since my last post (trust me, I’d like that to change)! Since we last talked, I’ve received my Master of Divinity, my wife and I have moved from our beloved North Carolina back to our roots in the cold, hard, northwestern Pennsylvania, we’ve gained two nephews, a niece, and a brother-in-law, and I’ve become a pastor! Hence, I have been extremely busy, and have indeed left the blog on the bottom shelf to collect the dust that so often settles on a pastor’s life outside the church.

My hope and goal, however, is to begin putting out more regular content—both blog posts and videos, answering questions I receive and dealing with different issues related to church life, theology, biblical interpretation, and sundry interests—as well as work on creating an ebook or two, develop one (hopefully more in the future) of my sermon series into a book, and hopefully start a podcast as well. That being said, I am interested in seeing if I can create a side source of income (no matter how small) out of this. After searching around and talking with several others doing similar things, I’ve decided to try using, which is a way for you to aid me in my endeavors by pledging a dollar amount each month (or one time for that matter), in order to fund (or at least contribute to) my research and writing/talking.

In the ancient Greco-Roman system of patronage, someone of lower income or status could seek the aid and resources of a patron, providing services such as labor, education, and honor to the patron, in return for the protection, lodging, funding, or legal advocacy a patron could provide. Think of the women who funded Christ’s ministry (Luke 8:1-3), or Phoebe, who was “a patron to many,” including Paul (Romans 16:2).

In those days, you had to be rich to be a patron. Not so anymore! With our technological advances, it’s easier than ever to offer funding to someone, and Patreon is a service that allows you to do this at the level of your choosing and, in return, receive certain benefits that, hopefully, over time at least, will be a worthwhile reward, such as access to my patron-only posts and a few bonus rewards on top of that to be developed and improved as we go. If you have any interest in becoming a patron and enabling me to devote some time to producing better and more regular content, please head over to to see what it’s all about.

But, even if you can’t pitch in, please consider visiting the page anyway to click the “Follow” button on the left under my profile picture. This way, you will still get notified of any public posts I will have from time to time. Thanks, and I hope to talk to you again soon!



About Toph

I'm a pastor, husband, and bookworm in northwestern PA. I started this site as a platform for creating and curating solid resources that make for solid men and women of wisdom, virtue, discipline, and faith. Become a patron to support my work at
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