Digest of The Acts of the Apostles

The following is a very brief digest/outline of the book of Acts. The goal is to provide a condensed summary of the book–a cursory introduction for the benefit of personal study.

 The Expanding Witness of the Church

In the book of Acts, Dr. Luke records the work of the church as the people of God carry out the Great Commission to carry the Gospel to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.


(1:1-9-8:3) The Church’s Witness in Jerusalem

(8:4-12:25) The Church’s Witness to Judea and Samaria

(13:1-28:31) The Church’s Witness to the Ends of the Earth

Background Considerations:


  • External evidence unquestionably supports Luke as the author, and the internal evidence is consistent with this as well.

Date and Setting:

  • Internal and external evidence points to a date between AD 62 and 68 for the composition of Acts.
  • The place of composition has been suggested as Rome, and a Coptic inscription connects Acts with Achaia, but the location cannot be determined with any certainty.

Special Features:

  • Acts emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit in the work of the early church.
  • Acts includes a remarkable amount of historical data
  • Luke’s Greek in the book of Acts ranks among the best of the New Testament.

Interpretive Issues:

  • Are the signs and wonders in the book of Acts only an authenticating feature of the newly instituted church? Or did these gifts continue on?

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