Digest of the Gospel According to Luke

The following is a very brief digest of the book of Luke. The goal is to provide a condensed summary of the book–a cursory introduction for the benefit of personal study.

Jesus – the Son of Man

Luke writes this account to Theophilus as a comprehensive, accurate historical account, in order that Theophilus might be certain about the reality and truthfulness of the events.


(1:1-4) Prologue

(1:5-2:52) The Advent of the Son of Man

(3:1-4:13) The Presentation of the Son of Man

(4:14-21:38) The Ministry of the Son of Man

(4:14-9:50) Ministering primarily in Galilee

(9:51-19:28) Ministering on the way to Jerusalem

(19:29-21:38) Ministering in Jerusalem

(22:1-23:56) The Passion of the Son of Man

(24:1-53) The Triumph of the Son of Man


Background Considerations:


  •  External and Internal evidence strongly support Luke as the author

Date and Setting:

  • External and internal evidence point to a date of around AD 66-67
  • The place of composition is impossible to determine. Various locations have been suggested, such as Rome, Caesarea, Achaia, Asia Minor, Greece (Corinth), and the Decapolis. The only thing to be certain of is that Luke wrote his gospel outside of Palestine.

Special Features:

  • Luke ascribes a notably high position to women in his gospel
  • Luke contains the fullest nativity account of all the gospels
  • Luke’s gospel is strikingly scholarly
  • Luke is remarkably comprehensive in his account


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