Join the Fight Against Child Slavery

The Blog of Manly, a men’s blog that I write for, has set up a fundraiser to support Operation Underground Railroad in their mission to rescue children out of slavery. The way O.U.R. carries out their missions is somewhat unique, and I’ve seen how effective they can be when Cliff Graham, a good friend of the Blog of Manly, was on the jump team for a couple of their sting operations, one of which rescued 123 children—the largest known child rescue operation in history. Below is some more information about the fundraiser, which you can find here. Please join us in supporting the fight against sex-trafficking.

At the Blog of Manly we talk a lot about being Dangerous, Strong, and Battle-Ready. In our opinion, there are few battlefields more significant than the fight to end human trafficking and sex-slavery. This is how we begin to transition from talk to action, from wordsmiths to warriors… All the funds you help us raise will go directly to They work on the ground with law enforcement agencies in sex trafficking hot spots to break up trafficking rings and rescue children. You may have seen Cliff Graham “live tweeting” one of these stings. It’s an amazing experience to watch it happen… Please join us. We’ve chosen a modest, easily attainable goal for our first effort. The $2,000 we’re hoping to raise will rescue one child. What an awesome gift to be able to give: FREEDOM!


Some specifics about the fundraising process, from O.U.R.

 How are proceeds to the fundraiser used?

This is the current breakdown:

  • Administrative Cost: 16.6%
  • Rescue Missions: 41.7% Airfare, Hotels, Transportation, Operator Compensation, and Other Operational Costs.
  • Rehabilitation: 20.9%
  • Child Protection Software/Law Enforcement Training: 20.8%.

We will have more information and copies of the IRS documents in the coming months as we continue to work on the website.

How much does it cost to rescue a child?

Each situation is different depending on travel, research, sting set-up, working with governments, etc., but on average one operation costs about $20,000 and each operation can save anywhere from 1 to 50 children.

What happens to rescued children?

Operation Underground Railroad rescue missions are always conducted in cooperation with government authorities. As such, when children are rescued they are under the jurisdiction of the country where they are rescued and are placed into state custody. O.U.R. works with the government authorities to place rescued children in orphanages and rehabilitation programs, which are predetermined and trusted by O.U.R. If family can be located, and it is determined that the family was not complicit, the child will be returned home to their family.

What happens to criminals?

Perpetrators are arrested, tried and sentenced. We follow this process every step of the way to make sure they can never kidnap and harm children ever again. We work with government authorities by providing evidence to assist with the investigation and prosecution.

You can view the trailer for the upcoming documentary about O.U.R. missions here.

You can read about the process of the actual rescue operations here, as well as find other helpful info. To stay updated, you can follow O.U.R. on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to their newsletter on this page. This is a battle worth fighting, please stand with us.

Fundraiser page:


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