Christmas Eve Service 2014

In all the rush and excitement of the festivities with family and friends — the lights, the food, the song, the gifts, the laughter… It’s so easy for Christmas to come and go, without ever taking the time to focus our attention on the true meaning of Christmas, and the true reason for joy and celebration.

So on Christmas Eve this year, we want to take some time out of the craziness and festivities to remember who it is that we are celebrating, and focus on why there is a reason for the joy Christmas brings to our hearts, and praise God for the gift He gave to us on Christmas!

christmaseve3There can be no real joy in the world without Christ. There can be no real joy in our lives apart from the truth of the message of Christ… of why He came to earth as a baby, born to die… to take away the penalty for our sins. That might sound like a sad message for a time like Christmas, but its not… because He rose from the dead three days later, to prove He had the power to conquer sin, and death… and the power to take away our sins. Let’s keep Christ in Christmas this year, and celebrate the real reason for the season!

Join us this Christmas Eve at WLD Ranch for a service celebrating the birth of the King!


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