Man Up.

“To be a man is not a one day job… It is my duty as a man to persevere. Not that I will never fail; not that I will never fall down; but that I will never stay down.”                                                                                                                                   — Gene Cunningham

In a culture where it is cool to be sheepish and in touch with your “feminine side,” we need to give a call to men to stand up and take responsibility.

We need men with steadfast courage, with ironclad conviction, undomesticated manliness, and a fierce love for God. We need rugged men who can hold fast – who bring stability to a world of ever-shifting unsurety, consistency to a culture of non-commitment, and staying power in a nation where men retreat. We need bravehearted men who are strong and alert, men with vision to lead the way in the family, church, and culture; unapologetically masculine men, gentle and protective men, untamable warriors with unbridled commitment to their King. We need men intent on recovering biblical manliness. We need perilous men. We need men of honor. We need men with the zeal of Phinehas, who fiercely defended the worship of Yahweh; men with the gentle strength of Boaz; men with the courage of the mighty men of David. Where are these men today? Who will stand up in their place? Who will be a man of God?

Who will play the man?

“May it be written that your woman loved you, your children admired you, and the enemy feared you.” — Cliff Graham



About Tweed Tavern

We exist to exhort passionate followers of Christ to think more deeply about their faith, and to challenge deep thinkers to become more passionate followers of Christ. Throughout history, taverns have provided a venue for theological and political debate. Hoping to honor that tradition, welcome to the Tavern!
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