Do You Have the Courage to Search the Scripture?

Scripture is the key to answering all of life’s questions. Yet sadly, we do not turn to Scripture enough. And certain topics are even harder to turn to Scripture for, such as gender issues, because the Scriptures tend to get skewed and twisted in order to fit one’s own views. But as I have said, in order to be true students of the Word we must be willing to put our prejudices aside and plunge below the surface to see what Scripture truly teaches. We may not like what we find all the time, but it should be worth it to know that we have done all we can to seek the truth and to seek to have a godly viewpoint.

Gender issues and roles are a touchy subject, but they are touchy because it is such an integral part of who we are as male and female human beings. So I encourage you not to run from this subject, and not to run from entering into the discussion in culture, but to redeem gender roles through espousing and practicing the better way to live – the way God designed us to live as men and women.


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I'm a pastor, husband, and bookworm in northwestern PA. I started this site as a platform for creating and curating solid resources that make for solid men and women of wisdom, virtue, discipline, and faith. Become a patron and support my work at
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