Gender Roles – Why do we care?

So what?

The topic of gender issues and gender roles has always been one of much debate. It is a topic that, quicker than almost any other issue, raises the ire and indignation in the room to a level unprecedented by most other topics of interest. Why is this? Is it because people have been conditioned to have their hairs rise on end when the issue of gender roles comes up? Is it because people get irritated that others make such a big deal about it when they feel there really is no need?

No. On the contrary, I believe it’s because it is nigh impossible to escape the fact that these issues are in fact of tremendous importance to every human being (in their right mind). But why? I believe it is because who we are is rooted not just in being human beings, but in being male human beings and female human beings. It is innate within all of us to recognize that our identity is very closely linked to who we are as man or woman. Therefore, I think it is paramount that we dig deeper into this issue, especially as Christians, from a biblical perspective, so that we not only may avoid the identity crisis that the rest of culture is experiencing, but also so that we may engage culture, attempt to redeem culture a little (yes, I used an evangelical buzzword, I do sincerely apologize), and preserve at least those in our small sphere of influence from the erosion that is happening ever more and more due to the stripping away of our identities as men and women.

Over the next few days, I’ll be looking further into this issue, starting next time with an overview of some key concepts to guide our thinking in this touchy, but extremely important study. I hope it may be of some use, or at least spark some good conversation.


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7 Responses to Gender Roles – Why do we care?

  1. krusej89 says:

    I’m interested in what you have to say about this. When Vick and I was in Pittsburgh we attended North Park EPC. Pastor Dan Hendley did a great job on this topic. His sermons are all on line. Here’s a link



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