PAYC 2014 – Our Identity, and the Supremacy of Love [podcast]

In this message from PA Youth Camp 2014, I first talk about our need for Christ to transform us. There is nothing we can do to change who we are – only Christ can transform us. This leads into some good discussion of the implications of this on the conversation and controversy surrounding the issue of homosexuality and how one’s identity plays into the issue. I then move on to talk about the oft-misunderstood “love chapter” – 1 Corinthians 13 – and what it means for our priorities, relationships, and the way we should be living today. Only a half-hour long – Listen here!

I recently had the privilege of being a speaker at Pennsylvania Youth Camp. It was such an honor to speak at this camp that has played such a major part in developing who I am as a Christian and as a man. I was also so honored to share the pulpit with three men who have played significant roles in shaping who I am today – Gary Horton, Mark Niemann, and Drue Freeman.

The camp theme this year was “The Love of Christ,” and though it was one of our smallest camps, many of us felt it was also one of the best years (despite the absence of several, such as Pete Stadler and Gene Cunningham, who have always been a huge part of camp)! Friendships were made (and deepened), kids were introduced to Christ, competitions were intense, and Christ was worshiped and glorified through music and the study of His Word.


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