Burned Out.

A little update from my wife about what we’ve been up to lately!

Triangle Living

Let me open by apologizing for the lack of posting for the last FEW MONTHS! Which is even crazy to say! I have truly thought about writing throughout the summer, but then I kept thinking what we were doing was not note-worthy. Now that I have a list compiled, it is sure to entertain! ;)

We’ll start with the most typical. Our bathroom flooded… not once, not twice, but three times. I considered telling you all the foul details of such awful events, but I’ll leave you with this: The maintenance guy was in the restroom speaking to Christopher, and I was iIMG_3792n our bedroom totally detaching myself from the reality that this was our current situation… and I heard him say, “Yeah, this happens every once in a while.” Mind you, that was the first occurrence, then upon leaving he assured us it was not normal and would not happen…

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About Tweed Tavern

We exist to exhort passionate followers of Christ to think more deeply about their faith, and to challenge deep thinkers to become more passionate followers of Christ. Throughout history, taverns have provided a venue for theological and political debate. Hoping to honor that tradition, welcome to the Tavern!
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