Ten Important Insights Basic to a Proper Understanding of the Life of Christ (Insight #5)

The Rabbit Trail

The child of God is much advantaged to come to grips with the life lived by his Savior.  I would suggest that the insights to be listed here are essential to a proper understanding of that most wonderful of all lives, and thus that the believer is well advised to consciously and deliberately include these realities in his conception of that life. 

#5 – The rejection of Jesus’ claims was not a matter of confusion, but of rebellion (John 2:11).  Official rejection came early and grew steadily until it exploded in the crucifixion.  The two great moments of rejection – the two events which function as the turning point in Jesus’ ministry – were the episode of the unpardonable sin (Mt 12:22-37, cf. :23) and later the feeding of the 5000 (Jn 6, cf. :66).  On the other hand, popular rejection, though just as real…

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