Ten Important Insights Basic to a Proper Understanding of the Life of Christ (Insight #2)

The Rabbit Trail

The child of God is much advantaged to come to grips with the life lived by his Savior.  I would suggest that the insights to be listed here are essential to a proper understanding of that most wonderful of all lives, and thus that the believer is well advised to consciously and deliberately include these realities in his conception of that life. 

#2 – Jesus’ ministry of three and a half years is best conceived as including two distinguishable emphases.  The first 2½ years are well entitled Public Presentation; during this period Jesus is presenting Himself to Israel as her Messiah, saturating the land village by village and synagogue by synagogue with His claims, working countless miracles to authenticate those claims. This initial period collapses only after Israel had demonstrated her determination to reject Jesus’ claims no matter how compelling the evidence He offered for those claims (see #5…

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