Opening the New Testament and Finding the Old I

A helpful and fascinating article from my professor, Dr. Bookman.

The Rabbit Trail

From Tomsk, Siberia in Russia


It is my persuasion that one of the most important and defining hermeneutical insights to be brought to the interpretation of the New Testament is this: the writers of the New Testament wrote in Greek, but they thought in Hebrew.  This is true to a degree more dramatic in some writers than in others (the most dramatic of all: Rabbi Saul/Paul), but it is never not a factor.  In the course of my own studies, that reality confronts me again and again with reference to this passage or that concept.  In making my way through Romans here in Tomsk this week, I have encountered a number of passages where the meaning of a specific text becomes more clear and/or compelling if the appropriate nuance of Hebrew thought or expression is made a part of the reading of that text.


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